CEO/ Founder

Joseph Wilson is a recognized leadership and evangelism expert. Joseph speaks and trains throughout – inspiring leaders, churches, teams and organizations. Joseph is a natural born leader and shares his father’s skill set as a teacher and trainer.  He loves to challenge and motivate audiences with real time opportunities to rise to the level of their greatness.  With solid principles, he makes learning practical, inspiring and transformational.

Joseph’s passion for leadership began at an early age and was exhibited in leadership roles with the Boy Scouts, football team, college campus, U.S. Army, and continues throughout his career in business and non-profits. Joseph has spent the last 30 plus years inspiring youth, business and faith sectors. Having served in roles such as National Sales Manager, New Business Development Manager, Branch Manager and Call Center Trainer, he continues to provide leadership training and system development for organizations of all shapes and sizes both nationally and locally. His pioneering gifts help him to create, innovate and re-engineer for a new surge and or sustainability.

Joseph believes the greatest need of our times is emergent leaders prepared 1) to take existing organizations into the next dimension and 2) having readiness to pioneer new ones. The combination of his and his team’s training and experience is what positions Power 2 Become Ministries, Inc. to provide training to eliminate skill gaps; consulting and coaching services to enhance overall success; and speaking services to maximize and motivate peak performance.

Joseph is a Certified Church Executive and has honed his skills over the last 30 plus years, as a District Elder of Northern Ohio for 11 years, 8 years as a Cabinet Level International Evangelism Director, 8 years as a Region Clergy Conference Director, 13 years as a Diocese Home Missions Director and an Executive Assistant to the Diocese Bishop for 10 years, as well as 15 years as a founding Pastor of 2 Churches, and 2 consecutive terms as President of the Cleveland Apostolic Ministerial Fellowship, in addition to various other roles not listed. He currently serves as the Bishop/Apostolic Leader of The Power Network International, Inc. and The Living Water Church International

Joseph has added key certifications to expand his capacity. He adds value as a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer and Coach Book Now and as a certified Leadership Trainer & Consultant with the Toler Leadership Institute at Ohio Christian University Schedule Training, as well as a Certified Healthy Church Coach Check Your Pulse. In addition, he is a Uniquely You Licensed Executive Trainer DISCover Your Best Fit and or Become DISC Certified

For more information on hosting Joseph Wilson and or Power 2 Become Ministries, Inc. at your next event, including availability and fees, complete our online Speaking Inquiry Form, or contact us by Email or phone at (216) 338-3706.