Healthy Church Coaching

We partner with Pastors and Denomination Leaders, because more than ever before the local church needs clarity and direction. Over exposure to varied church programs, ideas and systems has left leaders and members scrambling for the right answers to their situation…

    • Should we be expressive or seeker-sensitive?
    • Should we be contemporary or traditional?
    • Should we offer Sunday School or small groups?

As Healthy Church Coaches we can help! Certified and trained as a church health coach we assist church leaders and as they navigate through ever-increasing challenges by diagnosing the health of a local church. We combine our experience and training to create a custom built strategy that will ensure better health in the future.

For more information on how we can help you rise to the level of your greatness and or contact us for availability and fees, complete our online Speaking Inquiry Form, or contact me by Email or phone at (216) 338-3706.

GROW Healthy! with Power 2 Become – Healthy People create Healthy Churches!