Leadership Development

We believe the greatest need of our times is emergent leaders, prepared to take organizations into the next dimension and having readiness to pioneer new ones. Therefore, we want to help expand, enhance and position you to explode into new arenas personally and professionally as a leader, team and organization.

Some of the training materials in the program are used directly from or shaped by
The John Maxwell Team where our CEO, Joseph Wilson is a certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach johncmaxwellgroup.com/josephwilson,  and DISCover Your Best Fit

A certified Leadership Trainer and Church Consultant with
The Toler Leadership Institute at Ohio Christian University.
Toler Leadership Inistitute

Church Development
The Vibrant Church (Total Church Training)
The 5 Star Church (Total Church Training)
Give To Life (Capital Campaign Training)
The Power of One (Total Church Evangelism Training)

Leadership Development
The Exceptional Leader
Outstanding Leadership
The Relational Leader

Leadership Lessons AF Pic
Leadership Lessons from an Apostolic Father is a set of core leadership principles learned from my spiritual father, Bishop James A. Maye, over a 30 year period. The lessons are portrayed in journey format traveling a path to leadership excellence.
The teaching in the book is based upon the strengths of two very different individuals synergizing to grow a system together. The teachers style is more modeling and less verbal interaction and the student learned to maximize the ability to learn by observation and couple the behavior with a classical leadership education to format a clear path to leadership excellence.