Power Partners

A Power Partner is an individual or entity (such as a church, business, fellowship or organization) that shares the vision and goals of Power 2 Become Ministries, Inc. and our commitment to Reach the world by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, Raising the performance level of individuals, leaders and systems and Releasing empowered people and systems to sustain a global ministry impact.


Power Partners use their everyday lives to prayerfully intercede, enhance, and finance ministry by participating in our Essential Services Program, Entrepreneurial Opportunities, our Sow Go and Grow Systems Approach, and Fundraising Projects.  The synergized effort of our teams and partners results in souls saved and lives transformed.


We Will:

  • Pray without ceasing for you
  • Prepare and deliver impacting and transformational ministry
  • Communicate ministry activity
  • Extend savings benefits for Power Conferences and Events
  • Celebrate you and your contribution to our success around the world


Will You?

    • Pray without ceasing for Power 2 Become Ministries, Inc.
    • Actively share the gospel and Power Partner opportunities with others
    • Participate in one or more of the Power Partner Clubs
    • Support by attending as many Power Events as possible
    • Contact us periodically to share your testimonies



Prayer Power  /  Master Builders  /  Territory Enlargers  /  Foundation Layers  /  Co-Laborers in Christ


Intercessors Partnering in Prayer

Spend a minimum of 15 minutes per day asking God to open a door of ministry to preach the gospel around the world and petitioning the Lord to send forth laborers to assist in the harvest.  In addition, as we enter ministry events, there will be special calls for prayer that God will grant us favor as we reach, raise and release people into kingdom ministry.



Entrepreneurs and Essential Services Customers

Click NOW! to become a Master Builder

Become a partner of the ministry or support the ministry by becoming an essential services customer through our online store (simply click this link  – and declare I am a Master Builder, select your state or country for services) by transferring services (individual, church, business, etc.) such as local & long distance phone, local gas and electric utilities, and other services as needed.  Acquiring services through our online store qualifies Power 2 Become Ministries to receive a percentage of the advertising cost saved by the companies you do business with.
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Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Givers


 Help Power 2 Become Ministries, Inc. by regular monthly, quarterly and annual gifts to plan and execute a global strategy to spread the gospel in under-reached areas of the globe, plant new churches and provide much needed training.



Books and other Materials


Create an opportunity to multiply ministry efforts and impact by benefiting from the information and skill building materials offered and therefore become the extended ministry and message in your own environment



Entertainment Book


Gain an opportunity to maximize your household budget by participating in our fundraising efforts through the Entertainment Book.  A portion of the proceeds is shared with Power 2 Become Ministries.  You can purchase the book direct from one of us, at any event from August 15 to December 15 or simply go to power2become.org and click the entertainment link and have it shipped direct to you.